Sir Stirling Moss Oil on Canvas Stefan Johansson
Sir Stirling Moss Oil on Canvas Stefan Johansson

My Utopian Dream (72"x60"/183cm x 152cm) Oil on Canvas

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  • Oil on Canvas
  • 72" x 60" (183cm x 152cm)
  • 2016

"I have an idea for a ballet, the central theme is a thesis; I don't know where I'm going but I will be there ahead of you. Driving is a dance, the same, but never the same, never monotonous. Monotony in life would drive me mad, I can't bear inactivity...I fill every moment, when you leave me here some people are coming for a meeting after that I'm going out for dinner, then I'm going dancing. I'm not sure how long I stay out, but one thing I'm sure of, when I go to bed tonight, I hope to be very tired, because I don't want to think. I don't like thinking unless it's about a specific solvable problem as far as life is concerned, and what life is going to offer me, I find it terribly depressing. I know that to some people achievement in business, in work, is happiness. My idea of happiness seems Utopian to me and it may seem absurd to you, but it is to be married, and have two or three children, and a house in the country if you like, and to go away for two weeks on holiday - and most of all, most importantly, to be able to accept that life as happiness. Do you understand? To be able to accept it, that's the whole heart of the matter."  - Sir Stirling Moss