The environment in a modern racing car is quite violent, the driver experiences an enormous amount vibrations, shocks and sudden altitude changes in addition to the extreme heat sometimes experienced especially in a closed roof racing car. 



Stefan Johansson Växjö watches are designed to accommodate the extreme racing experience. Although we are very confident of the quality of our product, we understand that unexpected events might happen which can cause mechanical damage to our watch; please read carefully the terms of our Warranty.



                                                TERMS & CONDITIONS

The watch described on the limited warranty card is warranted for two years from the date of purchase.

This limited warranty is valid provided that your Stefan Johansson Växjö watch was sold by an authorized Stefan Johansson Växjö dealer and that the warranty card (Limited Warranty Card/Guarantee Card) was fully and properly fulfilled by the latter.

This limited warranty covers the defects in materials or resulting from manufacturing of the watch.

Excluded from this limited warranty of the manufacturer are:

  • Crystal, Strap
  • Damage resulting from an accident, normal wear, negligence, misuse, abuse of from the intervention of any person not authorized by Stefan Johansson Växjö or its representatives
  • Loss and theft
  • Incidental or consequential damage arising from the failure or malfunction of the watch as well as from any inappropriate usage, malfunction or lack of conformity or the watch

In case of defects covered by this limited warranty, your watch will be, at the sole option of Stefan Johansson Växjö repaired or replaced free of charge. This is the sole obligation of Stefan Johansson Växjö resulting from this limited warranty and any implied warranties. The dealer is solely responsible for any other warranties it may have granted.

The warranty becomes void in the event that any person not duly authorized by Stefan Johansson Växjö or its representatives attempts to repair the claimed defect.

If applicable, please fill the Return Form and send your watch by insured mail and in a carefully wrapped package to the address below: the watch must be accompanied by the duly completed warranty card.