Lesmo 2

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"At Monza, as you come out of the first Lesmo and straighten the car up in an attempt to take Lesmo 2 without a lift, it's super critical you place the car in the exact right spot on the entry. As all this happens, the sky opens up as the trees lining the track on each side of the track suddenly clear up. The bright colors of this painting are inspired by this moment." - Stefan Johansson


Printed on Signa Smooth. A matte, smooth texture, neutral white fine art paper. A paper that is strong and dimensionally stable. Made from 100% cotton fiber. Acid and linen free. The paper is archival certified to last 100+ years.

All prints come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Available in three sizes.

Please note that frame is not included.

Lesmo 2 Prints Stefan Johansson
Lesmo 2 Prints Stefan Johansson