Gary Hart Oil on Canvas Stefan Johansson
Gary Hart Oil on Canvas Stefan Johansson

What We Deserve (72"x60"/183cm x 152cm) Oil on Canvas

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  • Oil on Canvas
  • 72" x 60" (183cm x 152cm)
  • 2017

"In public life, some things may be interesting, but that doesn't mean they're important, and then after all that, ponderous pundits wonder in mock seriousness why some of the best people in this country choose not to run for high office. Now I want those talented people who supported me to insist that this system be changed. Too much of it is just a mockery, and if it continues to destroy people's integrity and honor, then that system will eventually destroy itself. Politics in this country, take it from me, is on the verge of becoming another form of competition or sporting match. I tremble for my country when I think we may in fact get the kind of leaders we deserve."  - Gary Hart

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