Dequetteville Terrace Skate Deck Stefan Johansson
Dequetteville Terrace Skate Deck Stefan Johansson
Dequetteville Terrace Skate Deck Stefan Johansson

Dequetteville Terrace

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At the Adelaide Grand Prix circuit, the first thing you used see when you exited Brewery corner was Dequetteville Terrace, a fast blur of colors as you straighten car out from fast right hander leading onto the Brabham straight.

Classic wooden skateboard with abstract print of highest quality. Print on both sides.

Measurements: 31" x  8"

Signed by hand. 

Wall mount included. 

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Star Rating

October 22, 2023

Very good delivery, customer service and great quality print..

Scott Anderson

Star Rating

October 12, 2023

Excellent treatment and attention, very good work, and speed are reliable from today.

John O'Rourke

Star Rating

June 02, 2023

Love to have Stefan's art on my wall now, followed him and his career in the 80's

Sofia Navarrete

Star Rating

March 18, 2023

Beautiful, unique and delivery is fast, they don't take long to arrive.

Hailey Hudson

Star Rating

March 18, 2023

A work of art, I will definitely order again, it arrived very quickly.

Stefan Johansson


Stefan Johansson spent most of his life racing cars, with a 10 year career in Formula 1, driving for teams such as Ferrari and McLaren and winning the prestigiousLe Mans 24 hour race for Porsche.

He spent over 30 years racing at the highest levels of Motorsport where he continuously tried to perfect the craft of driving a race car at the limits of it’s performance.

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Memories of Past Life

"Memories of a Past Life" are a series of abstracts created by Stefan Johansson. Drawing inspiration from his previous career as a Formula One Racing Driver, each painting is named after a corner or a section at various Grand Prix circuits around the world.

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