In order to test our watches in what we believe are far more rigorous conditions than a watch experiences during say a traditional COSC (Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres) test, we continue our practice of having Stefan Johansson wear one of his watches and from time to time we let various Grand Prix and Endurance Racing drivers wear a watch during an actual race weekend.
The environment in a modern racing car is quite violent, the driver experiences an enormous amount vibrations, shocks and sudden altitude changes in addition to the extreme heat sometimes experienced especially in a closed roof racing car.

The COSC method only tests the movement in certain position for certain periods of time, and in certain specified temperature criteria which does not even come close to the demands we put on our watches when worn during these extreme racing conditions. We are convinced that we have found a way to put our watches through test that none of the traditional testing methods never come close to.

In addition, the only thing the COSC is testing is the movement. We believe there are many more facets to making a watch complete, for example, we put a lot of emphasis on the fit of the straps, the buckles we use, the legibility of the dials etc. We constantly try to improve all the small details to bring our clients the best product we know how to make.

If we find something we really like and we decide to update, it will be offered as an option to all our clients with a special “update bulletin” just like they do with the racing cars.
As part of this program, we offer for sale one of the watches worn by the actual driver that completed the test. The watch will come engraved with the drivers name, a signed certificate by Stefan Johansson and the driver in case, stating the race he took part in, where he finished etc.