Like father, like son. Stefan Johansson is known as “Little Leaf”, a moniker he acquired when he decided to continue the family tradition of auto racing. More than a nickname, “Little Leaf” is an emblem the world-renowned driver has proudly displayed on helmets throughout his career.

The Mark VIII F echoes the theme, playfully incorporating the Little Leaf symbol in a chronograph Stefan designed to tastefully blend tongue-in-cheek complications with distinctive details.

They begin with the black dial itself, perforated to recall the drilled bumpers and body panels of historic sports racing cars, which were often “holed” to reduce weight. Oversized, highly legible “military” style numbers index the hours at a glance while the smaller figures which ring the chronograph’s bezel are integral to one of the Mark VIII F’s signature complications.

One look draws the eye to the date-display Sweep Center hand tipped by Stefan’s trademark “Leaf” which creatively points to the days of the month. Three chronograph sub-dials indicating hours, minutes and seconds also command attention. The 12-hour countdown register pays tribute to one of horology’s most traditional complications, the moon-phase. Here, Stefan injects a bit of fun with the moon portrayed as a smiley face.

Designed and produced by one of the world’s best-known racing drivers, this bold chronograph respects the best traditions of watchmaking with a lighthearted spirit. Produced in a limited edition for individuals seeking a truly unique timepiece, the Mark VIII F, like all Stefan Johansson watches, speaks the exciting language of time and racing.