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      Mark VIIIE

      That moment where speed, color and concentration intersect is one of the enduring images Stefan Johansson has of Formula One – a vivid mental footnote to the 103 Grands Prix he raced.

      His Mark VIII E Chronograph is a reflection of that experience, designed by Stefan not only to evoke racing via some its best known symbology - the ten official FIA flags which ring its bezel, cleverly serving as hour index markers – but to suggest the extreme clarity an F1 driver can maintain while simultaneously processing motion and color on the periphery.

      Housed inside a rugged 47 mm brushed stainless steel case, the chronograph’s bold dial draws one’s gaze, pairing maximum legibility with creativity. Luminescent oversized 5-minute  markers coupled with an anti-glare coated sapphire crystal offer the best possible visibility under any condition, guaranteeing an optimal read even at night. An engraved “exhibition” caseback confers a view of the timepiece’s sophisticated movement.

      Produced in a limited edition, the Mark VIII E is the creation of a driver who has shared the grid with legends – Prost, Mansell, Senna - and like all Stefan Johansson watches, speaks the exciting language of time and racing. 

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