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      Stefan Johansson spent most of his life racing cars, with a 10 year career in Formula 1, driving for teams such as Ferrari and McLaren and winning the prestigiousLe Mans 24 hour race for Porsche.

      In parallel he always had a strong interest in art and design.
      But it wasn’t until his close friend and driver colleague Elio De Angelis was killed in a racing accident in 1986 that he decided to pick up a canvas and a brush to paint something in his honor.

      This year we created a line of lifestyle products under the SJV brand. Everything is meticulously designed by Stefan Johansson. He works from his studio in Santa Monica, CA. You can expect new exciting products to be released soon!

      Photo: Taylor Robbins

      Photo: Hanna von Matern

      Store Spotlight:
      Mondrian Hotel, West Hollywood

      We can proudly announce that the prestigious Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles has decided to represent the Stefan Johansson brand. You can now find various products in their official hotel gift store, if you are in the neighborhood, pay them a visit! 

      L'epingle Trucker Hat Stefan Johansson
      L'epingle Trucker Hat Stefan Johansson
      L'epingle Trucker Hat Stefan Johansson
      L'epingle Trucker Hat Stefan Johansson



      "Many battles have been decided over the years in this particular corner. It's a constant game of chess between offense and defense. You brake late for the pass, but you run the risk of a slow exit, and loose the position you've just gained. For me it was always a matter of just grinding your opponent down until they made a mistake either on entry or exit, it was the only way to make the pass stick."

      A classic trucker hat with the celebrated and easily recognizable abstract art by Stefan Johansson in the front. Embroidered on the side is the leaf that originates from Stefan’s old nick name; “Little-Leaf”. 

      Unisex style, curved bill, mesh base and a traditional one-size-fits-all buckle in the back.

      Color: Black

      Size: One size fits all